Crystal Bay Pool Service

Swimming Pool Cleaning and Maintenance Services

Don't you love swimming in the backyard pool to cool off on a hot day or just hanging out and relaxing?

However, to really enjoy these activities, the pool must be kept clean and healthy. That takes a lot of work. The water has to be tested and chemically treated to keep it safe and comfortable, the filter has to be cleaned, the the tile and walls have to be brushed, the leaves and debris have to be removed, all the equipment has to be maintained in good working order.

Crystal Bay Pool Service can take care of all of these tasks and you can enjoy your pool free from concern.

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We provide the following variety of pool cleaning services

  • Testing water for chlorine and pH
  • Monitoring alkalinity, conditioner level, calcium hardness, and total hardness
  • Balancing water (chlorine, pH, alkalinity, calcium hardness, and conditioner)
  • Adding needed chemicals along with algae provention and clarification


  • Includes Chemical Only Service plus
  • Cleaning skimmer baskets
  • Cleaning filter pump baskets
  • Emptying pool cleaner bags
  • Cleaning pump pot baskets


  • Skimming the top of the pool and removing debris from the bottom
  • Brushing pool walls, steps and swim outs
  • Inspecting pumps and equipment to ensure proper operation


  • Pool light repair and replacement
  • Installation and repair of filter pumps
  • Installation, maintenance, and repair of pool filters
  • Cartridge pool filter cleaning
  • Backwashing of pool D.E. and sand filters