Crystal Bay Pool Service

Chemical and Basket Service

  • Includes Chemical Only Service plus
  • The Chemical and Basket Service includes the chlorine, pH, alkalinity, and hardness maintenance, and adds the maintenance of the debris collectors of your swimming pool.

  • Cleaning skimmer baskets
  • Water is typically drawn from the pool through a skimmer which is a rectangular opening in the wall of the pool. The insides of the skimmer are accessed through a lid in the pool deck (usually about one foot in diameter). On opening the lid, if the pool water pump is running, you see water being drawn from the pool over a floating flap, a weir, (operating from a vertical position to 90 degrees angle away from the pool that stops leaves and debris from being back-flooded into the pool by wave action), and down into a removable "skimmer basket", which is traps leaves and other floating debris. The skimmer leaf basket prevent blockages in the pipes leading to the pump and filter.

  • Cleaning filter pump baskets
  • The water recirculating pump for the pool has an additional filter basket to catch debris from entering the pump and filter.

  • Emptying pool cleaner bags/baskets
  • Many swimming pools are equipped with automatic pool cleaners, electric, robotic pool cleaners that provide an extra measure of filtration acting like handheld vacuum cleaners that can microfilter a pool. Common brands are Polaris, Dolphin, Zodiac, and Hayward. These commonly have bags or baskets that collect dirt and debris from the bottoms and sides of pools.

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