Crystal Bay Pool Service

Chemical Only Service

  • Testing water for chlorine and pH
  • Chlorine levels in pools should be maintained at an optimal level. Halogen-based oxidizers such as chlorine are convenient and economical primary sanitizers for swimming pools and provide a residual level of sanitizer that remains in the water. Chlorine-compounds are the most popular and frequently used in swimming pools. Bromine-compounds are popular in spas and hot tubs. Both destroy and deactivate a wide range of potentially dangerous bacteria and viruses in swimming pools and spas.

    Swimming pools are disinfected with a variety of chlorine-compounds. Chlorine-compounds frequently used in residential and public swimming pools include sodium hypochlorite (liquid bleach), calcium hypochlorite, and lithium hypochlorite. Chlorine residuals break down rapidly in sunlight. To extend their usefulness and persistence outdoors, swimming pools treated with chlorine-compounds can be supplemented with cyanuric acid—a granular stabilizing agent that extends the active chlorine residual four- to six-times. Chlorinated isocyanurates are stabilized to prevent UV degradation.

    pH should be kept between 7.2-7.8. Human tears have a pH of 7.4, making this an ideal level for your pool. More often than not, it is improper pH and not the chloring that is responsible for irritating swimmers' skin and eyes.

  • Monitoring alkalinity, conditioner level, calcium hardness, and total hardness
  • Total alkalinity should be maintained in the range 80-120 ppm and calcium hardness in the range 200 – 400 ppm.

  • Balancing water (chlorine, pH, alkalinity, calcium hardness, and conditioner)
  • Imbalance in one parameter, say pH or alkalinity, can adversely affect the levels of other parameters. Therefore, all these chemical concentrations need to be kept in balance.

  • Adding needed chemicals along with algae provention and clarification
  • While maintaining the balance in water chemistry normally controls algae in pools, occassionaly the addition of algicides is required. Cloudiness in pools sometimes is rectified by the use of clarifiers.

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